Client interview


Really good sessions and really looking forward to this year now. We were greated by bui smoothies, oh gee pie and the scrub which has no name as of yet as it’s still decideing . I was originally wanting to work on oh gee pie. I prepared well with lots of questions to ask them but when the interview came I lost my interest. They have a really good idea but I didn’t feel like I wanted to work with them. I was abit confused what to do and wether to stick with them but then Thomas explained his idea with his body scrub and I was really interested and the values he gave. Such as “” which made me realise he really cared about his product and could see it going somewhere. 

After the interview we got into groups we’re we could question him more on the product and try the product. The smell was really nice and how it’s made using recycled coffee which using waste to create something else is really cool.

I covered a lot of things with Tom in or group and getting lots of information about the values, what he wants, where he sees it going and more.

We then looked at what personality he wants the brand to be. We did this by creating lots of cards with different personalities on them and asked home to choose and explain the ones he wants and did not want. It was then narrowed them down.

Overall the brief came a lot more clear and very interesting especially when the person who is behind it is so down to earth and passionate.


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