Abram Games Hot House

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Abram Games lived from 1919-1996 and was born in Whitechapel. Today his daughter has come in to tell us about abram.

He was taught how to airbrush by his farther as most people would use airbrush to create posters and more. He was that good he would sign his cheques with the airbrush. This lead into him wanting to be the best poster and designer there is.

All posters had to be hand created as photoshop wasn’t around so Abram used as little text as he could. But he moved in from that and tried to put image and text together. He had a motto”maximum meaning minimum mean”.

We’re we’re told about his upbringing and life to fill us in on the journey Abram undertook.

His work was very simple but used different ways of showing messages like using hands as hands have a lot of gestures meaning you can show language through the hands. 


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