BRIEF DAY : On your Marks


Today we arrived and we were briefed on our first live brief in which we were given three different choices in which we would be branding: the first one was “Bui smoothies” No2 was “Oh Gee,Pie” and last of all was “Scrub up your life”. We were given information about the brand and how they want it. For example if it’s a natural product an what they want it to do for people or the message it gives out ect. We have now got to decide on one to choose for the brief and then take this and think of some questions when on Friday the client will come in where we can ask more questions about the brief we chose. 

In the second part of the day we got into pairs and we had to ask a range of questions for a customer interview. I think this is so we can learn about why people choose certain brands. I did my customer interview on Anna who like to have smooth skin and smell nice but wants a product that is natural with no preservatives. I then took my information and wrote it up as an analysis and with a range of quotes she said that I thought were important. We then looked at other brands but mainly at the type and what attracts us and spoke about it such as the style, positioning sizes and the space around it.

The final part of the day we had a brief meeting in our Final major project. After such a long day it was hard to take it in. It I feel like it’ll work out alright but for now I will concentrate on thinking about it and my dissertation!


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