First Day In Inventivity Studion

Home, Welcome Week And Studio 2016-2017

The first day back we arrived promptly in the inventivity studio and got to see who i was in a studio with and to here abit more about it. We started off by taking a trip down to hackney wick because there was an illustrator named “” He shared a studio space in a run down warehouse with 5 other people to a studio. The whole building at about 100 people sharing studio space. The studio itself they were in provided alot of room and a range of different people who worked there from a fashion designer, Fine art and two film editors. Even though there was six of them in this one area it didnt really matter as he found that they were never all in at the same time or sometimes they wernt in as some of the other designers work in other studios.

He introduced us to some of his work he has worked on as he started off seven years ago creating covers of albums and still does to this day but has taken on some other stuff. For example his most recent piece of work is a shop called the nightjar where he was designing the whole brand for them. He showed us from beginning to start and explained the process which was an insight into how you actually get from nothing to the final product.

I found the studio space was very cluttered but he said it was more homely but the areas they work in was only sectioned off say by a table or a small book shelf or a sheet. I think if they were sectioned off more it wouldnt look so messy. They had made there own kitchen area in which they could make a drink or use a microwave for food which is important if you dont want to be buying you food every day because thats a lot of money. Apart from this the space is cheap at 600 a month for the 6 of them so you cant complain. I think if it was my studio it would be alot different but i believe theres would as well as they could be kicked out at any time so i understand why they havent done much with the space. But overall really nice guy and really helped not just showing the space but really interesting work and to hear his journey.


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