Blog Day and First Brief

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The 4th of October brought us a session on out blog work and a small blogging brief with Ricardo. We were introduced back once again and learnt a range of styles we could look at layouts on at We looked at image size and layout and an overview of how I should be writing about my work and blogging. I learnt to keep it natural and not forced. I’ve found I’ve had a trouble with writing so what we come natural is good for me!

I enjoyed looking at the layout on and all the illustrators and designers on “” which I will be looking up soon.
We have been set also a mini brief to write a blog post on one of our piers. I was put in a three and got straight into it looking at examples and thinking of structure and questions. Tonight I will be writing up questions and ideas and getting it to my peers so I am able to start makeing the blog post and even learn abit about people in my class.
I have now wrote up a series of questions which I had sent to my subject which is Rob Olley.

Q/A with Answers for Rob Olley’s Interview

Olley answered the questions provided quickly and in detail and sent them back in the same word document for me to look through. I was easily then able to write up the interview and add the structure and layout. I wanted to get this done before I added any pictures as I wanted the pictures to fit in between paragraphs of text and so they have a reason for being there than just oddd photographs. The images are all I need to add to my Q/A post on Rob olley which he will happily send me as i have told him what i am looking for. He will send me them and I will choose a range of Three – Four images I think best fit the post.

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