Tate Modern: The world goes pop Visit

Uncategorized, Visits / Exhibition

The Tate modern held a exhibition on pop art in November. It was twelve pound a ticket for a student entry, which we paid and entered. The whole exhibition was based upon how different countries and cultures contributed to the pop art movement in the 1960s and 1970s. It looked at a range of areas such a sex, gender, war, civil rights and more. They were all separated into there own rooms. We had to sketch the art as taking pictures were not permitted. I drew a range of sketches, which took me 5 minutes a time trying to capture the main pieces I liked. The exhibition was full of strange pieces such strange vehicles to a computer to like a naked women. I was really fascinated and made me think how I could use some these in my work. For example one was an image layered with loads of parts of the image on different transparent slide. This was a cool way 3d way and drew me in as you can see it from all angles. This was a really good trip and it was good to look at such a range of different types of art all at once.


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