Liverpool street station visit

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We visited Liverpool street station in which we went inside to find a spot out of the way. The spot out the way was because we would be watching people. People move around. Capturing their movements. This was done using sketching. Pencil and pad in hand I sat there waiting for a target to sketch. It would involve quick sketching as they could move out of position within seconds so you had to pick who you wanted to draw carefully. The drawings were quick and rough and most of the time you had to capture what you were looking at and store it in your head. I also looked at the birds in the station as they have a big part in there. This is just because they are everywhere. I used black ink to outline the sketches to help them stand out. It was good to use this to go round the main line I wanted as I was drawing so fast I had lines everywhere. We later took the sketches back to our university were we would edit them and try and create a stop motion with the movement of the people. Using the sketches I would add more movements in I could imagine from the visit to create a sequence. The trip was a good area to life draw but it was very cold and it felt like we were there for along time. I came back with lots of different types of working people and public.



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