Bishops gate Institute Visi

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We set off for bishops gate Institute that is a small walk from our university on commercial road. It is situated opposite Liverpool street station. It is home to the history of London from great events to great people. They have a large variety of books and memorabilia that can only be accessed here. We were welcomed by our guide who introduced us to the history of Bishops gate institute and how we were welcome to use the information they have any time. We walked down the corridor in which we entered a library. The books were extremely old and had been there for a very long time. They had shelves and shelves and other floors for them all. He then talked about sections such as Jack the ripper and the Cray twins that I found very interesting as I have recently watched films about them and the genre interests me. He then took us to the sacred area under the building, which is the archive. They hold historical artifacts fro a range of events and people that are stored together. They have memorabilia down there worth a lot so they are inside a vault and you must be supervised when using the history. The collection there is always building up so they will need more space one day apparently. He showed us a few examples of what we can find and if we need to find out if something there to look at we just need to ask. The whole trip was very interesting and its good to know where to find answers and learn new things. The guide also made some of the areas that weren’t appealing more appealing as he was very good at talking about them. After that we were left too look around and head back to our university for the second part of the day.


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