Billingsgate Fish Market Visit: Works man and there Tools

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We set off to a meeting point early morning about 7am just outside billingsgate fish market in canary wharf. We gathered and walked towards the market to the front door. We split off from each other as the market was busy and we didn’t want to disturb the flow of the place. I walked around asking permission when needed if I could take pictures of them doing there jobs and what tools they use as the whole point of the trip was to inspire us and to get an insight into works men and there tools. I carried on lapping around the market and as the time gradually past different jobs and tools were being used as people were cleaning up. There was a range of strange fish and gave me an insight of there work which I have never experienced before. They were quiet welcoming as long as we weren’t in the way.


Next we left the market as it was getting taken down and we needed to leave for the next part of the trip. We walked from billingsgate market through canary wharf to the river where we caught London transport, which is the Thames boat. We took the Thames boat along the Thames were we could see the center of London. It was my first time and didn’t know it existed. It took us to an area in London where there is a small embankment in which old bones of animals or maybe humans were left. It was the area in which animals may have come into London and killed and left. We went around the area analyzing the bones taking sketches and photographs.


Third and finally we took the public bus to a B&Q in which we were told to look at types of tools. I went around taking pictures of the ones that seemed interesting. I seemed to find the greater the tool the better, as some of the small ones were very simple. Despite that over the day we had travelled a lot from such an early day so it was time to go home and rest.


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