The idea i had for this project when i was trying to tak epictures of people who were walking in the way. I had also been watching alot of apocalypse films aswell and the zombie theme inspired me. what if everyone was a zombie. would they be in the way.

We took a range of angles of buildings and what happened in certain areas. I had a range of pictures of building around london. I then wanted to apply the technique of illustration into the photographs. I wanted to create zombie scenes but illustrations. this didnt work and didnt fit the image right. I then thought about shapes and applied different shapes into my work. I used ripped paper to show an explosion but also so you could capture the creases and shadows. I then used the images of london in the background to create a scene as if it was an explosion through a window. The next step was creating my zombies so they could interact with the explosions.

The brief was to create three posters using a range of techniques together and here is my result. i used photgoraphyy, craft and illustration in my work and then edited using illustrator and photoshop combined.


Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 21.37.16Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 21.37.27Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 21.37.34


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