Reflection: issues at London met


Been have in issues with printing my zeen I have looked at tutorials but for some reason I can’t print my booklet so I will have to spend some time doing it manually. The option to print my booklet keeps either not printing the right way round or not the right amount of pages on my Indesign file. I have even changed it to a pdf file but still the same problem with pages. 

I also went to collect my laser cut on the day suggested but could not get the attention of the person inside the room? I think I will have to try collect on Friday and print again. In the mean time I will work on my book for project three and complete it today so I am already to print and bind at Friday’s lesson.

I have found I have been haveing a lot of issues with laser cutters over the past month as I’ve been trying at least 3 times a week. Other than that I will carry on with work. In general the hours and the main tends for usage of the machines and tools are poor and is holding me back


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