Project one remake illustrations for final piece

Project 1, Uncategorized

I have been looking into my story as the second outcome still wasnt good enough. I looked into my style and worked with it to create the story so it could be easier read. I created six illustrations and edited them using greyscale colouring. I will place each individual image into a video in which i will use the ken burns effects wich will slowly focus into an area on the illustration for 10 seconds. which will create a one minute video.


A good way  bird blower  blow them away  overpower  taken the city  the bird pop

I recreated the bird blower as i did not like the original idea. I created a tank idea as they are used to fight wars and i consider the fact the population of birds has increased it is a war to protect. I really enjoyed drawing these images and got into the brief more. I carried out a range of research looking at other ideas.




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