Project One Final Piece: The Bird Blower

Project 1, Uncategorized

This is my final piece after haveing 4 different attemtps at it. I think before i was over complicating my work and not doing what i like to do. I found the project became more interesting for me to do and i enjoyed drawing my illustrations.

I used a ken burns effect to zoom in and out on the images which gave the image more movement.

I searched for soundtracks for the image. I started looking at instumental as i thought a voice would put the viewer off from reading. I then searched music that had a gradual build up. I looked and action, calm and sad style but found one that seemed a bit intense which i liked. It had a could beat which ment when the image was to change it would roll with it which i tried to master so it could flow well with the images and sound.

This is my final piece I hope you enjoy





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