CCS Critical design presentation and Essay


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 09.58.14

Yesterday we were scheduled to present our critical designs we designed using one of the theoretical approaches which is semiotics, race and gender.

I chose the gender theory and my main part of the gender theory i was looking at was masculinity and femininity

Critical design should challenge how we look at things. It should provoke and change the way we think and act. I took men and women and took photographs of there lips. This is my piece of critical design. This idea was inspired by gender theory.  You do not know if it is a male with lipstick or a female with a beard in the image. Facial hair is considered masculine and is not normally connected with women and cosmetics. Within the advert there are three images that contains lipstick but two contain a style of facial hair as society pushes women to buy cosmetics. They get put in a category of masculine or feminine. Will they be treated different This could ask does the identity of a person suggest there gender.This can lead onto other  other areas within gender theory that link with masculinity and feminism in society.This can also go onto topics such as equality and gender rolls.

It took me a while to understand what critical design was and how to write baout it. I looked more into the gender theory and looked at some people who challenged it like Nan Goldin and Robert Mapplworth. I found these interesting and also liked the photography. Im hoping I explained my idea for the critical design i created.



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