Visit to Roman Road Bethnal Green gardens

Project 3, Uncategorized

Today I visited the Roman road when I found Bethnal Green park. I walked around the are taking photos of areas and things going on. I had seen the war memorial. Buildings not in use. The sports equipment on the other side of the park. But my main focus became on the nature. Lots of daffodils planted in the grass and trees. There was also a huge quantity of squirrels! When I was nearing down to get a rubbing of some type they would come up to me thinking I’m trying to feed them. At first I found this funny but then it got abit weird and noticed how much of a pest they are. Half the time I felt like they were going to jump at me. I thought this idea to do with the squirrels as there own gang and its there park really as my point of focus for my plaque. It was good to get the pictures and some type rubbings. I couldn’t find that many as most things are printed around there but I took pictures of the graffiti and other types to be edited to make an alphabet. Another point I was going to focus on is the flowers such as the daffodils because they are very welcoming and also in there hundreds.


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