Project 1, Workshops

Tuesday’s workshop working with cardboard and tape to create machines that can create something without having to do it with the tools. For example I created a shoe polisher machine. I named it the “De-polisher” because it sounds like demolished so it can get the job done. You simply insert you shoe in at one end then the machine does its thing  with all the parts I added to it to get the best result! And then it comes out at the end.


My next creation was a suite for an animal so it could fly and protect abit like aka fighter jet but instead it is controlled by an animal. This may not be the best idea but who know one day animals may be a lot cleverer than we ever thought…

finally we used our ideas and works in a pair and me and my partner came up with this suite. This suite was for the controller trainer of the animal using the suite. We named it F.I.D.O which stands for . . Dog . Operations. F.I.D.O suite


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