Toby Liegh / Mentmore studios

Visits / Exhibition

Mentmore studios is a place for business and individuals to work in a studio space but all together. From a wide range of different areas in the design industry they are able to work in a friendly atmosphere but to also collaborate and help each other out on projects and skills they may not have. The deign space was big and well used with a ride range of tools and skilful people. Lots of collections of random things like old playing cards and type faces to help give you ideas you may have seen which is like a massive mood wall. I think i will create one myself of things I just like in general and is inspirational so i can go back to look at it for when im creating.

We also had an intersting talk with Toby Leigh who showed how he has two different styles so he uses two different designer names to keep them separate and unique so when people see it they will know exactly that style and its Toby Leigh. He really inspired me to work harder and to even taught me a few things about how to start my work and how to progress it which i think i needed.


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