Character Design : Animation : Tutor Kieron



Spent a tutorial on how to build our basic puppet for a stop motion style project. Learned about techniques and general facts to give a nice insight into animation.

Equipment: -Bolsa wood -Aluminium wire -Styrofoam -Glue / Gun -Adhesives (Hot glue, epoxy resin) -Apolstmy foam -Paint -Liquid Latex

1) Bolsa wood cut into shape( consider the direction of the grain as this will determine how good your cut will be.

2) Brass tubing of different sizing with a filed down edge to sharpen can be used as a hole punching tool in steady of a drill for a smoother cut.

3) Hot glue can be used to protect the aluminium wire and make it more durable when being moved around into different shapes.

4) shrink wrap rubber can be used around cable for support and protection.


5) take all the kinks out of the wire and fold each ends to meet a few times. Then attach the loop to something and the other end place inside the clamp for a drill piece on a drill. When you use the drill it should twist the strand of wire into one strong piece.(keep tension on the wire wen twisting).

6) cut too length and measure against real size drawing.

7)fill holes for wire with glue and place wire inside with the shrink wrap around it ( when shrink wrapping heat from the middle outwards) and leave to dry.( attach masking tape to other side so glue doesn’t come out for a clean finish).

8) use foam and cut into a square and sand/file into the shape you want (with out a mouth) and be careful when doing this as the foam is delicate and can easily split. Do This until I’m happy with the shape I’ve gone for.

9) Using a brass pipe cut a whole big enough for a Bing so the wire can go into it to not damage the foam as the wire will wear it away over time.

10) Remember to wipe away all excess glue as you can not remove it with heat as the foam and aluminium will deform.

11) Apply colour: some spray paints are no good as they have cellulite in them which eats at the foam. So use paint then apply liquid latex to stop the paint from cracking.

12) Puppets have no mouths as it’s hard to do a lip sync. With stick on magnets carve a hole for it to be placed in then create a tame of mouth out of a metal can and you can apply them as much as you want with out trying to create the lip sync.


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